GCSE Maths 2017 topics

Since June 2017 all pupils were required to sit the a new type of maths exam.  There is still a two tier testing system with students either taking the Foundation or Higher paper.  New topics have been introduced and students will need to memorise formulae that had previously been provided.  For more information click here.

The maths grading structure has also changed. The traditional grading of A* - G have been replaced with Grades 9 – 1 whereby Grade 9 is the highest grade.  More information on the new grades.

GCSE Maths Foundation Tier

The new Foundation topics that will be introduced in the June 2017 exam are:

  • Index laws
  • Compound interest
  • Direct and indirect proportion
  • Factorising quadratics
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Cubic and reciprocal graphs
  • Trigonometry – Soh, Cah, Toa, including knowing the exact values of certain angles
  • Arc lengths and sectors of circles
  • Vectors
  • Density
  • Tree diagrams

The formulae that students need to memorise are:

  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Trigonometry ratios
  • Area of a trapezium
  • Volume of a prism

GCSE Maths Higher Tier

The new Higher topics that was introduced in the June 2017 exam are:

  • Expand products of more than two binomials
  • Interpret the succession of two functions as a “composite function” using formal notation
  • Complete the square
  • Estimating gradients of graphs and areas under graphs
  • Simple geometric progressions including surds and interpret results in real-life cases
  • Nth term of quadratic sequences
  • Venn diagrams and conditional probability

The formulae that students need to memorise are:

  • Quadratic formula
  • Sine rule
  • Cosine rule
  • Area of a triangle


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