Testimonials from previous maths students


Below you can read a small sample of testimonials from previous students, covering GCSE, A-Level and QTS Skills test maths tuition.

  • Denzel

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Maths was hard until I met Mrs Bailey.  From that moment I went from a Grade 5 to a Grade 7.  It was the best decision I made in taking Mrs Bailey as my tutor.’

  • Emma

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Mrs B has helped me to move from Foundation where I had no hope of passing to the Higher paper where I had a great chance of passing.  She has helped me massively grow in confidence and has helped me tolerate maths.  Overall a fab teacher who will help you achieve your grade’

  • Jack

    GCSE pupil

    ‘I wasn’t very good at maths when I was in Year 9 but as soon as Mrs Bailey became my maths tutor, I started learning so much quicker and she helped get to do the higher paper.’

  • James

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Mrs B has been my longest serving tutor and has lasted since I was in Year 7.  You make maths bearable 😊.’

  • Jada

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Mrs Bailey has helped me get much better at maths and I’m confident that I’m going to pass.  She taught me more information in a couple of months compared to what I’ve learnt from school throughout the whole of Year 11.  She is one of the best maths teachers and without her I would have had no hope.’

  • Lilli

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Maths hasn’t always been my best subject but from the help from Mrs Bailey my confidence has grown!’

  • Shannon

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Mrs B has not only changed my view on maths but has changed my confidence as well.  I went from a U to a Grade 5 in only a matter of month.  Because of her I passed maths! Thanks Mrs B.’

  • Luke

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Since having Mrs B I have significantly improved in maths.  I have only had Mrs B for a short while but it was one of the best decisions I have made.’

  • Kye

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Since Year 5, I have come on leaps and bounds in my maths going from bottom set maths all the way up to top set.  Over the last 7 years I have improved significantly and now aiming for high grades whereas before it looked likely that I wouldn’t pass.’

  • Mia

    GCSE pupil

    ‘Since I started Year 10 in the top set I was worried as I used to be in the lower sets and I was incredibly weak at maths.  I kept giving up until I knew and accepted that I needed help.  That is why I came to you; you are reliable and teach me with better strategies that I understand.  Without your help I would have wanted to move down to Foundation.

    When I started to understand with you, I could then apply it to my work.  Even though I messed up and panicked and got humiliated by the mocks, I am even more determined to get an A and prove everyone wrong.

    Thank you for always making the time for me even when I’m stroppy.  Thank you for building up my confidence.  I could not have done it without you.  You have helped me by not letting me give up so I am going to do you proud.  Thank you.’

  • Marissa

    A-Level student

    ‘Thank you so much for all your help through my A-Levels, it was much needed, so thank you for making me not hate maths and bring lots of colours and random names to make it better!

    I really appreciate the time you’ve spent helping me as it has improved my maths loads.  You actually made maths bearable and slightly fun (at times)!’

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