About Me

After working for 15 years in the computer industry to General Manager level, I decided upon a change of career to spend more time with my daughter.  For three years I volunteered at my daughter’s primary school whilst working towards a BSc Mathematics and its Learning degree with the Open University where I successfully passed in June 2017.

I have been tutoring since 2013 and using knowledge gained from my degree, PGCE in Secondary Mathematics course and experience in business as well as school, I devised a comprehensive maths programme for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 that will ensure your child gains the highest level possible as well as enjoying mathematics as a subject.

I adore teaching maths and I see that same passion coming through the students that I teach when they are able to discover concepts for themselves or when they finally understand topics that they struggled with beforehand.  In most cases, students struggle through lack of confidence and understanding and it is my aim to raise their self-esteem with each and every session so that are able to meet and surpass their targets.

I have devised activities to cater for the new curriculum and will adapt to suit your child’s individual learning style.  We all learn in different ways and each lesson will be adapted so that your child fully understands the topics being taught as well as strategies to help your child to remember.  It is not necessarily the quantity of exercises they can carry out, but more to do with how your child can apply their knowledge to discover new concepts.  Your child’s understanding is the vital element that will ensure their success and therefore will be the main focus of every session.

I am based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire and DBS checked.

  • Olivia

    PGCE MFL (QTS Skills)

    'You were the first maths teacher to not make me feel stupid for not understanding something. I hope that because of your help I will in turn be a better teacher. Couldn't have done it without you.'

  • Kim

    Mum of KS2 child

    'Kye has gone from being petrified of maths to it being the best subject ever. It's taken the stress out of the subject for him.'

  • Kye

    KS2 pupil

    'It doesn't feel like you are learning as it's so enjoyable and fun. When it comes to tests you see your grades boosting up. I feel like a great mathematician.'

  • Alex

    A-Level student

    'Thank you so much for all your help this year, I honestly don't know what I would have done without you!'

  • Ruby

    KS3 pupil

    'Thank you for never getting annoyed when I get things wrong. There are many things that I will remember forever from your lessons.'

  • Emma

    PGCE PE (QTS Skills)

    'Yaaaaaaah! I passed the QTS numeracy test today! Thank you for all your help. The tips must have paid off.'

  • Philippa

    (School’s Direct Primary) QTS

    Thank you sooooooo sooooo much for all your help!!! Wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!!! You are a star!!!!!!!

  • Leona

    GCSE Pupil

    'I've gone from a grade D to a high B grade in my re-sits thanks to your help. I'm hoping to have achieved a grade A in my last module.'

  • Elizabeth

    PGCE Primary (QTS Skills)

    You won't find a better and more dedicated tutor than Mrs Bailey! She helped me pass my Maths QTS which seemed so impossible before I met her!

  • Meliz

    (School’s Direct Primary) QTS - After passing her third and final attempt

    I passed. Soooooo happy I want to screammmmmm!!!!!!!

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