Key Stage 3 Maths Tuition

Key Stage 3 is taught between Year 7 and Year 8.  Key Stage 3 enables your child to build upon the foundation learnt during their primary education and for them to explore and discover the wonders of mathematics.

The step up into secondary education can be quite daunting and if your child is struggling with mathematics then I can provide rich tasks that will allow your child to enjoy the subject again.  The Key Stage 3 programme that I have designed will also be suitable for children who are not challenged enough in their primary education.  The tasks are designed to bring wonderment, and in some cases surprise, to ensure that your child is motivated to learn and be confident enough to take on any challenge.

In Key Stage 3 there are three main areas of study: Number and Algebra; Geometry and Measure; Handing Data.  Each of these areas of study will be taught individually to ensure your child has full understading of the basics required.  This knowledge will then be applied across all three areas in activities that will challenge your child to investigate general outcomes.  The activities wil involve your child applying a systematic method for problem-solving with minimal guidance so that they will be solely responsible for the discoveries they make. These activities are designed so that your child is then able to tackle the more challenging aspects of Key Stage 4 and be more confident for when they sit their GCSE exams.

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