GCSE Maths Tuition

I begin to teach Key Stage 4 from Year 9; it is designed to prepare your child for the best possible grade when they sit their GCSE exams.


Key Stage 4 has four strands: Number; Algebra, Geometry and Measure; Statistics.  Each strand will be taught separately and in depth to ensure that your child is able to sit their exam with confidence.  

I will ensure that your child has the basic knowledge and then provide strategies that will enable them to apply that knowledge to any exam question.  These strategies will help your child to tackle even then most challenging of questions.

Regardless of current grade, once your child has the basic understanding then each strand will be taught up to A - A* level so that when your child sits their exam then they will be confident enough to answer as many questions as possible. Teaching at these high levels will be a gradual process but can also be achievable in a short space of time depending on your child's ability and determination.

Maths GCSE changes made from 2016

Since September 2016 all pupils are required to sit the new GCSE Maths exam. There will still be two tier testing system with students either taking the Foundation or Higher paper.  New topics have been introduced and students will need to memorise formulae that had previously been provided.  For more information view changes to GCSE Maths 2017 topics.

Changes were also made to the grading structure.  The traditional grading of A* - G was replaced with Grades 9 – 1 whereby Grade 9 is the highest grade.  For more information view New GCSE Grading Structure explained.

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